Redefining Training

Training is an important function of any Organization, Immaterial of its size and nature of business. Many persistent problems which Management cannot solve can be solved by training. 


                         " A Great Organization, Need not necessarily Create great Individuals, But A team of Great Individuals, can and will create a Great Organization"  

We at i2c Foundation deeply believe in the above principle, often stated by the promoters of i2c Foundation, as the mantra for our Training and HR division.

                  We strive towards making Great Individuals or rather Individuals Great .  

Training is an important component of any Business Environment, Not a necessary evil or a Cost. It is essential and the best investment you can make for your business.
Choosing your Right Job decides your Career Journey. Employment placement agency i2c Foundation Helps you choose the right direction.

Pre Employment Training Services

This is an integrated Training cum Placement program designed for Job Seekers, The program is designed to meet the empowerment needs of Fresh College Graduates, People who are looking for a Job Change and for people who would like to enter back into the main stream work force after a break. Aptly named as catapult Program.

The program has a 1 to 1 career consulting, counselling and a 90 day post employment counselling support built into it. 

Campus to Career, is an important milestone in everyone's life. i2c Foundation supports the exit from College by Complimentary life skills training and career entry through 121 counselling till the umbilical cord can be cut.

Training Cum Placement for Colleges

 Year on year EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS are trying to generate the required standards that the Industry or the Job market demands. Every year new Training Companies are tried. This has become a process in itself, with no sight of a solution. We are the first company that will offer an integrated Training cum Placement Assurance of your college candidates, taking a huge responsibility of your shoulders. We offer a fully managed Training and Placement program custom designed for students belonging to the different academic years. Try our services for the current 2020-2021 pass outs and experience first hand on the differentiating quotient of i2c Foundation and its placement offer.  

Employment Placement Service does not end with just getting a job or in filling a vacancy, But it extends till the individual adapts himself to the work environment. This is were i2c makes the difference, By being with you when you need us the most.

Continuous Learning & Development Program

 "What if I Train and my employee leaves?" ......What if you do not train and your employee stays with you?" . This is a common quote that can be seen around on the internet. Training costs Money and Time and in some situations a small amount of productivity. But the same Training Saves you Time, Money and Increases Productivity. We do not offer training programs but we offer Training Solutions. Be it Manufacturing, Service, Trading or Logistics, we offer long term continuous engagement Training Solutions, Wherein we offer almost a micro level generic training and skill delivery, that ensures improvement in performance parameters of individuals /  Teams in your organization.


Train the Trainer Program

Training is a skill which everyone who has gone up the career ladder learns over a span of time. We at i2c Foundation offer a Train the Trainer Program which takes you step by step on how to become a Professional Trainer. The Generic Skills are transferred through Industry Personnel in a  short  two week program Subsequent to which the Trainers undergo an internship period wherein they deliver real time training under the able guidance of professional Trainers. Ensuring they get the opportunity to Practice What they learnt and  to master the Art of Training. Post completion of internship the Trainees are offered Certificates and an opportunity to join our organization as a Freelance  Trainer.  The starting remuneration would be Rs.300 / hour.   


AR Caller Training with Assured Placement

US Medical Industry Indian Outsourced Operations is bound to Grow in the next few years. The demand for Trained Professionals is on the rise   i2c Foundation offers A R caller Training at a Professional Level making you job Ready from Day-1 of your employment. It is a 4 Hours per day and 5 days a week, 2 month program with integrated Career Planning and Life Planning Content, which will empower you with an edge over your peers.  The Trainees are selected based on a Screening and Aptitude Process, Subsequent to which they would be admitted. 

Once admitted We offer 100% Job Placement on completion of the 2 Month program in Coimbatore, Chennai and Bangalore.    

Have an Obligation Free Discussion with us, on How Training can Save you More Then What it Costs!